The race for Christmas, quality trumps everything everytime…

So here it is Merry Christmas, everybody’s having fun… except for hard working designers still locked in the office after a great many years.

There’s no doubt about the pressures designers have as Christmas races towards us… but personally I have chosen to play the quality card every time over the obvious need to turn ideas and products into cash.

Despite the strong physiological drives to seek food and the necessary vouchers to pay for it, I have made a commitment to my Peak District Design range of products to deliver something special, something meaningful and hopefully something that will endure as it has been built on a quality idea.

Above is the statement of intent, the summary mission I am about to embark on. I hope it finds fertile ground out there in the vast expanses of commercial consumer led landscape. It will be interesting to see how a very small concern, with a heartfelt voice will be received.

In summary Peak District Design is…

Made from the heart, made with love.
‘Everything Peak District Design is made with a love for the Peak Park’.
The product of a lifetime’s running and climbing and cycling around a beautiful park.
‘Our products and designs are inspired by a lifetime spent exploring the Peak Park, all the time realising how important outdoor spaces are for balanced welbeing’.
A total respect for the huge benefits and vitality I have been given by all this activity.
‘They are a celebration of the flora & fauna, the moorland, the crags and the wild open landscapes that all make this National Park a unique treasure and one world’s greatest natural playgrounds’.

A local venture, with a national ambition and a global responsibility.

As a member of Inspired by the Peak District, I shall be flying the flag for fellow local businesses,
I shall be commited to using British suppliers and manufacturers to deliver this product and as soon as we start making some money I shall put money back into the much loved, and still not as well known as it should be 1% for the Planet – Patagonia’s Yvon Chouinard’s baby.

Si Homfray. Nov 2017.

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