The hidden benefits of great sculpture

The hidden benefits of great #sculpture

Determined to fully recover from a long bout of wretched pneumonia, I self medicated a prescription of high dose Barbara and Henry. It seemed like a great plan. Armed with only my good friend Tim and a small camera for company we drove up the M1, through a sunny #Wakefield to the this quiet corner of the Rhubarb Triangle, where a great gallery had been hewn from the concrete quarries of architectural ambition.

The previously prescribed antibiotics had worked wonders and now I felt I had two lungs again, any amount of museum visiting was possible again.
Would the sculptured wonders of the #MuseumofTheYear 2017 do their stuff?
The entrance bridge over the river Calder was a great sign of things to come. You felt equally welcomed and excited as the building revealed itself above the noise of the weir that runs past it.

The @HepworthGallery did not disappoint. The many rooms revealed a curated delight of world class inspiration.

The show at the moment is the late great and sadly recently departed #howardhodgkin #PaintingIndia
If you like colour, If you like India or If you can find any reason whatsoever to go and visit, do.

As heavy duty #arttherapy goes it was as good as it gets. Well detailed historical journeying of #barbarahepworth revealed practical details through tools and intermediate works to some of her finest work centre stage and brilliant. Among the many other exciting artists #henrymoore and his drawings shone. They invited close inspection and left me feeling lifted and determined to draw from this body of work.

Is the @HepworthGallery one of the #seven wonders of #yorkshire?

It is a venue with a fabulous broad appeal, they have included something for everyone and I would argue a definite yes.

#YorkshireSculpture is what it is, world class, and we are so privileged to be so close to it all. So with the#YorkshireSculpturePark #YSP which is different again. Unique as an outdoor venue and a great complimentary visit to the Hepworth it is.
What great timeless friends #barbarahepworth #henrymoore are. I do feel so much better for the time there.

Leeds soon. I can’t wait.

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