there are only good ideas and bad ideas?

I was really lucky to get a relaxing day out last week at the #yorkshiresculpturepark

The work currently on show is not only sublime, the ideas are great. An exercise in restraint, holding back on the superlatives. :  )

The current big show is Giuseppe Penone: ‘A Tree in the Wood’ and it is #wonderful.
26 May 2018–28 Apr 2019

‘The tree is a spectacular creation because each part of the tree is necessary to its life. It is the perfect sculpture.’

Giuseppe Penone is one of the most eminent artists working today, Giuseppe Penone presents his extensive new exhibition in YSP’s light-filled Underground Gallery and across the historic landscape.

Giuseppe Penone

Giuseppe Penone

Giuseppe Penone

A texture of thorns… Giuseppe Penone

A single finger print and then hand drawn whorls that eminate from it… Giuseppe Penone

Giuseppe Penone

Giuseppe Penone

@giuseppepenone #tree #sculpture @sihomfray #inspiredbyart

A summers day at @yspsculpture

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