purple is the colour of… Chatsworth?

A quite remarkable evening at Chatsworth…
I was invited to capture a few images of the extraordinary people who won awards from Accessible Derbyshire.
Gillian Scotford and Jane Carver hosted the function which was topped off by the fully illuminated purple house and icon that is Chatsworth house.


purple has become the adopted colour of accessibility.

at accessible derbyshire and derbyshire training we have detailed accessible purple as one of the key brand colours. it is a very particular purple, as indeed is it’s long and noble royal history. it is usually saturated, and quite close to Cadbury’s very trademarked chocolate purple… but not very close.


I put together a mini book of the participants and found a few words to introduce the do…
‘one night in october, the super moon was full and the stars twinkled.
the mists swirled, the deer bellowed and the scene was purple.
for some very special people…’


The photograph of Chatsworth above was exposed for 30 secs on a Canon 6D with a 16-35mm f2.8 II at 16mm and of course a full moon. It was actually pitch black outside and I needed a head torch just to see the camera let alone operate it.

Thankyou to Gillian and Jane of Accessible Derbyshire and Accessible Training

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