* please think responsibly

designing a christmas card for your own business is right up there with pulling teeth as things designers and business owners really love.

it’s the one opportunity in the year you have to do something a little different, to be yourself and maybe even try to show off a good idea…

after overthinking nearly every christmas popular phrase or saying, googling the worlds web servers to near collapse and unconciously exercising your full repertoire of work avoidance techniques, you actually sit down with a brief, a short list of ideas to work up.
then the work begins. its all about process and the confidence to apply processes you run on a daily basis for clients with one difference… its for you.

[ deleted – more self agonising waffle ].

anyway here’s to everyone and a big thanks for 2016, have an excellent happy christmas and here’s to having a drink or six before 2017.

but * please think responsibly.



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