a few words on design and marketing

is this the shortest book on design and marketing for the small business possible?

Cards from the hammer design ‘KISS’ ( keep it simple si ) series.


1. smart: work that is run through a planned, thorough, professional process is most likely to succeed in its objectives.
2. on point: the brief needs to be nailed down from the start. the final creation must always be on brief and on point.
3. ideas: the best ideas come from the best questions. keep asking the most honest questions… relentlessly.


  1. desire: motivation to purchase what is on offer needs to be present or created for a successful sale.
  2. clarity: the offering needs to be as clear and straightforward as possible.
  3. action: all actions leading to a sale need to be kept as easy as possible for people to buy.


1. idea: a great idea which ties together the printed product content.
2. image: strong, clean, relevant imagery which emotes the desired offering.
3. impact: good work will endure. strong memorable communication may go further.


1. communication: marketing is all about the communication process and the channels between a customer and a vendor.
2. communication: this process flows two ways. it is a conversation comprising talking and listening.
3. communication: search for new channels and unexpected ways to use them.
they usually lead to rewards.

what do you think? is this useful wisdom, unecessarily simple or the over zealous editing of a self indulgent designer?


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